Voice Level Posters

Free Voice Level Posters
Help your students understand appropriate noise levels in the classroom with our voice level buddies. You can team the posters up with fun little soft toys or use the posters independently. 
Classroom Voice Levels
Discuss each level with your kiddos separately and role play a few examples. Talk with your students about what activities would be most appropriate for each level. 

You will introduce a
  • dragon voice (confident clear strong voice)
  • raccoon voice (busy working chat for learning)
  • mouse voice (quiet and focused for independent work)
Kindergarten Voice Levels
This strategy focuses on what students can do and helps them visualize what they are able to do. It also integrates with a learning focus - for example the raccoon level encourages cooperation and working together.

  • 3 level posters
  • 1 all-in-one poster
  • student worksheet
Voice Buddies
When you want to encourage a particular level in your classroom, take a buddy out from your basket and place him at the front of the room, or hold him in your hands. Your students will soon get to know the expectations.

Mouse Voice

  • A small, quiet voice.
  • Do careful work!
  • Focus on your own work.
Voice Buddy Posters

Raccoon Voice

  • A busy working voice.
  • Forage for knowledge!
  • Talk and work together. Classroom Voices

Dragon Voice

  • A big, bold, brave voice.
  • Be heard!
  • Talk one at a time.
Classroom Management
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