The Ultimate Dorm Room Checklist

ultimate dorm room checklist
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Heading off to college or university this fall will look different than it has in the past. You may be one of a small group on your dorm floor, or you’ll be learning remotely while sharing a room with friends off-campus. No matter what your or your son or daughter’s new normal looks like, you can still relax and enjoy the process of setting up their dorm room or shared space.

Whether you’re getting ready for online learning or you’ll be heading back to in-person classes, the ultimate dorm room checklist will help you get everything you need for your dorm room.

The Ultimate Dorm Room Checklist

alarm clock with speakerHow do you set up a dorm room when you’ve never set one up before? Most students only have a vague idea of what their dorm will look like before they move in, so they need a checklist to help them decide on what to pack.

Use this ultimate dorm room checklist and check items off this list as you pick them up. That way you’ll know you didn’t leave anything behind when you move into your new dorm.

Bedroom essentials

Your dorm room bedroom may just be a bed in the middle of a small space, but you can make it your own by bringing in all the comforts of home. Personalizing your room begins with your dorm room bed.

dorm room beddingAlarm Clock and speaker combo

Whether you set your own schedule or you have a time when you’ll be attended a class, an alarm clock is a must-have in a dorm room. Students now rely on alarm clocks that double as a speaker. That way you can stream white noise, study music, or your favourite playlists.

Bed linens

Your bedding is what makes your dorm room bed your own, so be sure to bring your own bedding including mattress cover, mattress pad, sheets, duvet or comforter, and pillows. When you’re exhausted from studying, you’ll be glad you took the time to make your bed as cozy as possible.

dorm room cleaning

Storage for the dorm

Storage cubes and containers that slide under your bed or double as a nightstand are great for hiding away clutter.

Cleaning equipment

One of the best items to take along to your dorm is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. It sucks up dirt and dust, hangs on the wall so it doesn’t take up extra space, and is rechargeable so you can just grab and clean whenever you need to. Most models have HEPA filters so you can remove dust and allergens from the air too.

Set up your dorm room kitchen

When hunger hits at 2 am, you’ll want to be prepared to make whatever you’re craving. From nachos to pizza or a quick bowl of cereal, to help you cook in a small space your dorm room kitchen should include a few must-haves.

Mini fridge

dorm room mini fridgeTo store your milk, fruit, and more, a mini-fridge will be a lifesaver. Mini fridges are small, space-saving refrigerators, and you can find models with freezers for your pint of ice cream too.

Coffee maker

Getting up in the morning is always easier with coffee. You’ll want to bring along a single-serve or large pot coffee maker and have your favourite hot drink close at hand.

Toaster oven

To grill a small pizza, make morning toast, or warm up a pre-made meal, a toaster oven doubles as a food warmer and oven for baking when you need one.

Bathroom in your dorm or shared spacebathroom accessories dorm room

It’s easy to forget about your bathroom when you’re living away from home, but you’ll want to make sure you take along a few bathroom accessories. A shower curtain, fluffy bath mat, and storage hooks and baskets will help make you comfortable and organized.

Tech for your dorm room

For a full list of tech for your dorm, take a look at Brad’s post on dorm room tech. He covers the top tech you’ll need to take along to your dorm room. Here are a few pieces I think will be really useful when you’re living away from home.

2-in-1 Laptop

2-in-1 laptop

If you have a laptop with you for college or university, you can use it to take notes in class and write term papers in the library. For the most versatile laptop, choose a 2-in1 laptop. These laptops are fast enough to work your way through every term paper and assignment, but they also have the power to game and stream 4K videos.

Want to use your laptop just as a tablet? Just remove the keypad and you’ll have a versatile tablet to take with you everywhere. Some models of a 2-in-1 laptop are available with pens you can use to draw and make notes right on the screen.

Scanner and printer

A personal printer is a must-have for in-person and remote learning. You’ll need to print term papers or scan worksheets, and you may even want to print a photo or two. There are a lot of great printers and scanners you can choose, so take a look at all of the options and choose the best model for you.

Smart devices for the dorm room

smart lighting for dorm roomSmart dorm rooms have all of your favourite smart devices from home. You can add all types of smart home devices to your dorm or shared space including Wi-Fi door locks, Wi-Fi cameras, and smart lights.

You can choose smart lights that plug into your existing lamps or smart lights you can use to decorate your walls.

Entertainment in the dorm room

4K Monitor

Not every day can be about studying. Sometimes you need to kick back and relax, so you’ll want to set your dorm room up for entertainment too.

4K Monitor

A computer monitor isn’t just helpful when you want a bigger view than the small screen of your laptop. You can use your monitor as a TV when friends are over or you just spend a few hours gaming or watch videos.

Pocket photo printer

HP sprocket printer

When you want to make a photo collage for your walls or you want to snap and share a selfie, a pocket printer will be your favourite tech gadget. They’re small enough to slide in the front part of your backpack, and they turn every photo into a small, physical print you can put on your wall or give to a new friend.

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