The subject matter expert’s guide to creating content (new IMPACT+ course)

There is no worse feeling than sitting down as a subject matter expert or sales pro to work on a blog article for a content topic you're an expert in... only to feel the immediate approach of writer's block gremlins around the edges of your consciousness. 

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Panic sets in, and your thoughts begin to race:

"Wait, I know the answer to this question, but how much background do I need to include? And actually the answer is kind of complex. I’m worried it’ll be too long. Or too short. How do I even know I’m writing about this correctly?

Oh my gosh, why did I say yes to this? I don’t even know what a good piece of content looks like - and will anyone even care about what I have to say?

Why does writing about something I supposedly am an expert in suddenly feel so hard?"

Writer's block is not your fault... it's ours 

First, you need to know that you're not alone. We've all been there, yours truly included — and creating content is literally my job. Second, the reason you feel this way is not your fault.

And you're not a fraud, no matter what that little writer's block gremlin is telling you. 

On the whole, the content marketing industrial complex has done a great job of telling people how important it is to create content that answers our ideal buyers’ most pressing questions.

But we have done an absolutely garbage job of teaching anyone a repeatable process of how to:

  • Plan a piece of content out, so it's mapped to the right audience
  • Write an introduction that captivates your ideal buyers
  • Know exactly what needs to be included in the body of your blog article
  • Put a bow on a piece of content with a conclusion that drives action

Well, until today that is. 

Unsuck the content creation process (and even make it fun!) with my new IMPACT+ course

If you're an IMPACT+ pro accountholder, trust me when I say only sunny days and blue skies are ahead, because all of those content creation problems I just talked about are going to vanish into thin air. 

This course is for anyone who creates content — digital marketers, content managers, content strategists, subject matter experts, sales pros... anyone. 

Through this course, you'll learn

  • Why you need a content plan before you start writing.
  • How to create a content plan in under 30 minutes (15 minutes or less, with practice) using my IMPACT exclusive They Ask, You Answer Content Compass worksheet. (This simple exercise will guarantee every single piece of content you create will make money for your company. You can even get a sneak peek of it right here with an IMPACT+ FREE account.)
  • What engaging, show-stopping introduction looks like and the three questions every single introduction must answer to be a success. 
  • My six fool-proof, anyone-can-do-this-seriously blog introduction formulas that will destroy any case of writer's block before it ever sets in.
  • The six hallmarks of successful business blog articles, no matter what industry you're in or the subject matter of your blog. 
  • How to take your business blog articles from zero to hero with my favorite tips and tricks for making your posts more engaging and educational. 
  • What an exciting conclusion that drives people to take the actions you want looks like, and the three conclusion-writing sins you must never, ever commit. 
  • And, finally, my three conclusion formulas — plus one "emergency parachute" exercise in case you still get stuck — so you never struggle to end a blog article ever again. 

Want a quick sample of what you'll get?

Of course you do! In total, my entire course runs about an hour and 20 minutes long. (It's a lot, but think about it. In under 90 minutes, you'll never have to deal with writer's block ever again.)

To give you a little taste, here's a six-minute(ish) sample from the lesson on conclusions. Specifically, why conclusions are so important:

V0129  Why Conclusions Are So Important v1

Exciting, right?

Again, you can gain access to my full content creation course by signing up for an IMPACT+ pro account.

Pro accounts include everything from the starter IMPACT+ free account, as well as access to the team roadmap and scorecard tools for your company, all pro courses (including mine), private virtual peer groups based on your role (sales, marketing, content manager, and so on), and access to all event recordings, no limitations.

Are there other IMPACT+ courses about content?

I'm so glad you asked. If you're looking to just go all-in on leveling-up your content game, here are the courses I recommend:

Happy learning! 

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