The BEST Point of View Worksheets

The BEST Point of View Worksheets

point of view worksheets

Looking for the BEST point of view worksheets?!

I got you covered!

These worksheets for point of view are fun, engaging, and motivating for students to complete.


Because they have a color-by-number twist!

This means that after students read a reading passage and answer comprehension questions, they get to color a picture based on their answers.


Keep reading to learn all about these point-of-view worksheets and how they will work PERFECTLY in your classroom.

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worksheets on point of view

How do these worksheets on point of view work?

Let me tell you how these point-of-view color-by-number printables work!

First students read the point of view reading passage.

Then students answer reading comprehension questions.

Then color!

All the reading comprehension questions are based on point of view to ensure that your students are practicing this literary skill.

I love this color-by-number format for worksheets to help infuse fun into a usually “boring” worksheet.

I also have a color-by-number set for 3rd-grade math – you can read about them here!

worksheets on point of view

What makes these point-of-view worksheets so great?

Engaging & fun

A worksheet on point of view that is engaging and fun?

Sign me up!

Isn’t it funny how coloring suddenly makes things 100 times more fun?

Students will love getting a coloring “reward” after answering comprehension questions on these point of view printables.

A little brain break after working hard practicing their point of view skills 🙂


Wait… how could a worksheet for motivating?

Teachers find that students take their time and WANT to finish these worksheets because students are so excited to color in to the picture.

Plus, they don’t want to “mess up” their picture so students actually take their time.

No prep!

How awesome is that?! Simply print and hand it out to students.

You are busy enough, save yourself some prep time while getting students to practice point of view.

worksheets on point of view

Where can I get these point-of-view worksheets?

You can get these at Glitter in Third on TPT.

Snag it HERE!

Looking for more reading comprehension worksheets?

I have reading comprehension worksheets for lots of grade levels!

They come in large bundles assessing various reading strategies (like sequencing, cause & effect, & theme).

Want a reading comprehension freebie?

Are you new to color-by-numbers?

Make sure to download my Reading Passage & Question Color-By-Number FREEBIE!

It’s super fun for students (and doesn’t take an entire class period to complete, like some reading comprehension passages!)

It’s no-prep, fun, and super easy to grade (just peek at the picture!)

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