The BEST Earth Day Reading Comprehension Worksheets!

The BEST Earth Day Reading Comprehension Worksheets!

Earth Day Reading Comprehension

I have the BEST Earth Day reading comprehension that you and your students will LOVE using!

PSA: Earth Day is on April 22nd!

Sometimes it feels like it pops up out of nowhere after all the Easter planning and festivities, so definitely mark down on your calendar so that you’re ready!

It’s not just any reading comprehension – it’s color by number reading comprehension!

Yes – reading comprehension that your students will actually enjoy.

Who knew that existed?!

This color by number reading comprehension includes 5 passages about all things Earth Day (both fiction and nonfiction stories).

Your students will be engaged reading the high-interest passages, and you’ll be super happy that it’s no-prep, easy to grade, and assesses a plethora of reading strategies!

Keep reading to learn more about this EARTH DAY color by number reading comprehension!

And don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the page to snag a FREE reading comprehension color by number!

Earth Day Reading Comprehension

What makes this Earth Day reading comprehension so great?

Coloring “reward” at the end

What makes these worksheets so engaging?

The coloring aspect of them.

As students correctly answer reading comprehension questions, their answer choices dictate a specific color for each number.

At the end of answering questions, a mystery picture is revealed!

At the end of the day, these are still passages and questions.

It’s the color by number part that will get your students excited to complete it!

No prep

Teachers have enough work during the day.

Is there truly anything better than simply getting to pushprint” and you’re done?!

PS if you’re looking to save time with resources and ideas, make sure to check out my Economics Activities blog post if you’re studying econ right now! Lots of time-savers there 🙂

Short passages & only 4 questions per passage

After years of feeling frustrated that some of my students never got to the question part of the task because they were still reading, I knew that there had to be a better way.

No one wants to take an entire block completing a reading comprehension passage!

These Earth Day reading comprehension passages are short so that students are able to read the passage without getting overwhelmed & frustrated.

After all, you are trying to assess them on their comprehension skills! They can read the passage, then get right to the task at hand.

Earth Day Reading Comprehension

What types of passages are included?

This Earth Day Reading Comprehension Color By Numbers includes a mix of both fiction and nonfiction passages – all relating to Earth Day!.

The passage titles are:

  • How Can You Help? (NF)
  • Litterbug (F)
  • Planting Trees (F)
  • The Recycling Project (F)
  • What is Earth Day? (NF)

Where can I get this Earth Day reading comprehension?

This Earth Day color by number reading comprehension is available at Glitter in Third on TPT!

Click HERE to grab it!

Need MORE color by number reading comprehension?

I have even more color by number reading comprehension passages & questions available at my TPT store.

The best part?

They are available for grades 2, 3, and 4!

Click the links below to grab them:

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Reading comprehension passages questions answers

Need a FREE reading comprehension passage?!

You will LOVE this FREE reading comprehension color by number worksheet.

Let’s be honest, ALL our students need more practice with reading comprehension!

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