Shark Worksheets for Kids (Five Days Worth)

For the next five days, a new set of shark worksheets will become available. They will not just be appearing right here on JDaniel4’s Mom. Once a day for the next five days shark worksheets will be appearing on 3 Dinosaurs too.  While my worksheets will focus on binary numbers, coding, and math games, 3 Dinosaurs will be sharing math and language activities. (We both may share a few other worksheets and printables that focus on other concepts!)

Starting on Monday I will add the link to shark-themed printables shared on both blogs. While you stop by and check out each day’s offerings from my blog on the left-hand side of my blog, you can also stop by this post and see what new posts have been shared by both of us.

Our hope is that these worksheets will be part of your children’s summer learning, ocean units, and/or Shark Week celebrations. The topics they explore are ones that many of you have asked for through social media. We are so excited about sharing them with you!

Daily Shark Worksheets






While you are waiting, here are some of the shark-themed activities I have shared in the past.

Cute Shark Mask Printable Template

Printable Shark Mask Template

Pool Noodle Shark with Rubber Band Launcher

Shark Pool Noodle Launcher

STEM Shark Activities for Kids How Do Sharks Float?
STEM Experiment-How to Do Sharks Float?

Arts and Crafts for Kids- Pool Noodle Shark (Fin)

How to Make a Pool Noodle Shark


How to Draw a Shark with an Algorithm Worksheet Set for Kids- This set features Blockly blocks.

How to Draw a Shark with an Algorithm Worksheets


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