Roll an Ice Cream Math Game

If you are using any of our ice cream themed activities, games or resources I'm sure your students will be almost instantly engaged! 

I thought they may like an ice cream themed math warm up or game too! 

It's fast to prep - all you need is dice and pattern blocks. They will roll, trade and aim to be the first to build an ice cream! 


Roll an Ice Cream

  • show students a completed ice cream - a hexagon on 2 trapezoids
  • tell them how many scoops they are aiming for (hexagons)
  • take turns to roll and take a matching number of green triangles

  • as 3 triangles are rolled, they can trade for a trapezoid 
2D shape activities
  • the first 2 trapezoids make the cone cup
  • after, each trapezoid-pair can be traded for a hexagon
make an ice cream math game

I hope your students love this super sweet shape game! 

A follow up ice cream addition worksheet can help students with counting-on, doubles, missing addends and more - read all about them back on this post

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