Rehearsal Game for Orchestra to help students master tricky measures

My orchestra classes have been tirelessly working on concert music to perform in a few weeks.  They're doing a great job and I feel our music is mostly ready.  There are just a few measures here and there that I still visit and work in rehearsals.  Today, I created a game to get students practicing those final tricky measures.  It worked so well!  Students played the game with their their stand partners.  It was interesting to see what measures they chose to have each other play.  They were exactly what I wanted them to practice!  And it turned into a great practice exercise because they had to play any missed measures together five times.  If students tied, they kept playing until the tie was broken.  Students who won the game got a small treat.  

I used a worksheet for students to fill out that shows the measures chosen and helped track the points.  I copied the worksheet on both sides of the paper, so students could keep playing if there was time, or settle tied scores.

Click HERE to access the worksheet with game instructions for students.

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