Polar Animal Worksheets and Activities

Welcome to Polar Animal Week! 3 Dinosaurs and I will be sharing five days of polar animal worksheets and activities. The sets in my part of the series focus on coding, STEM-building challenges, and binary code. Each weekday a new set will appear on each of our blogs. Please take a moment to check out and download each of our sets.

At the end of this post, you will find several other polar animal-themed activities. These are only a few activities available. Every day, more polar animal posts will be shared at the bottom of the new set of polar animal worksheets. After downloading the recent sets, you will want to check them out.

Building Background Before Starting an Activity

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You explore one of these polar animal-themed activities or books before working on one or all of the sets. It will help children build a background on themselves.

Polar animals will be fun to find in this 64 piece puzzle.

This game looks at saving the environment for polar animals.

This easy reader is a great way to learn facts about arctic animals.


Children will learn about binary numbers and how they represent alphabet letters. They will build the codes for the letters in narwhal, unicorn, and blessing (What a group of narwhals is called!).


This set features polar animals. Children are invited to build the animals using pattern blocks.


Children can use whatever building materials they have on hand to build the shapes displayed by polar animals on these challenge cards.


My students love to code and color pages. This set features the coloring directions of Blockly coding blocks.


I Spy penguins with a variety of feelings on these data-gathering activity pages.

Polar Animals Activities

Kindergarten Math Worksheets - This set contains a number line, number and picture cards, and muffin tin numbers. They can be used to work on a number of math skills.

Waddling Penguin Song and Action Song

How to Build an Igloo for a Penguin STEM Activity

Penguin Number Activities

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