Making Patterns

Kindergarten Pattern Making

Your students will love recognizing, copying and continuing repeating-patterns with our engaging apple pattern cards!

Simply print, laminate and snip on the fast-cut lines to prep this activity in minutes! It is perfect for back-to-school with a fun apple theme.

Your little learners will love reviewing patterns in an interactive but structured format. After making these patterns you can encourage them to create their own patterns. 

AB, AAB, ABB, ABC, AABBAA patterns are covered.

Kindergarten Pattern Making
Students take a pattern card, identify how to make and continue it and use the single apple cards to continue the pattern.

To assist students struggling to identify the pattern, ask them to verbalize the pattern - e.g. gree,. re. yellow, green, red, yellow... Ask them to identify the part that repeats. 

To further assist, students make like to place apple cards directly under the source card to scaffold an identification of the pattern.

Kindergarten Pattern Making

Pattern making with equipment

  • ask your learners to copy and make the patterns with equipment too - try buttons, counters or sticks
Kindergarten Pattern Making

Record the patterns

  • ask students to draw a representation of the pattern they made on the recording worksheet
  • tell them to ask a friend to 'read' the pattern back to check its accuracy
Kindergarten Pattern Making

This printable math center for patterns, includes:

  • a teaching tips page
  • a detailed instruction sheet
  • 16 pattern cards
  • 36 apple cards (3 colors)
  • a worksheet and
  • cover page.
Have fun teaching essential early math skills in your math rotations, groups and workshops with our print and play games!

Kindergarten Pattern Making

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