Making 10, 20 or 30 in Addition

Make 10 Pencils Math Game
Making a 10 (and by extension, 20 and 30) is a powerful strategy for our learners to have in math. It can help them solve calculations faster and with more confidence. A student should be able to quickly combine 6 and 4 to make 10 when solving a problem. 

Help make these combinations fun by playing matching games. The basic game is matching to make 10, but once mastered you can move on to making 20 and 30. A student who knows 6 and 4 makes 10 can extend their learning to see 16 and 4 makes 20. Perfect as a math center, number game rotation or math workshop! You could also place the cards out for students to play as a 'fast finisher'. 

We recommend you print, laminate and snip on the fast-cut lines to prepare it in just minutes.

How to play

  • decide on 10, 20 or 30 totals
  • put cards face down
  • students flip two and see if they match

Alternatives to play

  • leave cards face up for a more relaxed, free-exploration experience
  • play in pairs - each student has either pencil tops or bottoms - take turns to reveal a number and then the partner determines the match - place cards together 
  • advanced play - place any 2 cards together and make an addition problem to represent it - write the answer down with a record of the addition sentence 
Math Game Addition

This file features:
  • a teaching tips page
  • a detailed instruction sheet
  • 63 puzzle cards (8 to a page)
  • a worksheet and
  • cover page.
The cover page can be printed and used to help organize your game/activity tubs/pouches/packets or folders.

Have fun teaching essential early math skills in your math rotations, groups and workshops with our print and play games!

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