Ice Cream Tens - Making 10 in Math

Make Ten Ice Cream Game

Learning different ways to make ten can contribute enormous power and strength to your learners confidence and fluency in math. These combinations are an essential foundation for many areas in math moving forward. Play loads of games so your students understand the combinations, they do not just rote memorize them too early!

The ocmbinations are:
  • 0 and 10
  • 1 and 9
  • 2 and 8
  • 3 and 7
  • 4 and 6 
  • 5 and 5
Play our math activity - Ice Cream Tens in your groups, rotation, math workshop or free exploration time. Your students will love discovering ways to make 10 by adding the dots on their ice cream scoop to the cone cards to add to 10.
  • fast prep - just print, laminate and cut the clear bold shapes
  • bright and engaging for students
  • easy to differentiate 
Students take two cards and see if the numbers add to 10. This can be done independently or in a small group format.

Making 10

Our printable packet includes:
  • game cards (cones and scoops)
  • 2 blank cones (use to make variations of game)
  • game play instructions,
  • cover page
  • optional worksheet for students to complete after the game

Here are some easy ways to differentiate the activity and cater for more learners in your class:

Number Match

  • match numerals with dots for early counting and number sense
Ways to make ten math center

Kindergarten addition

Use math manipulatives

  • count and cover with counters, buttons or poms to develop 1:1 correspondence
First grade math fun with addition


  • use the blank cone cards to create an addition game
  • students place multiple scoops on the cone, find the total and write the answer!
Ice Cream Math Game

Find this versatile, engaging and skills-focused activity for kindergarten math, over in our TpT store today!

Ways to make ten math game

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