Episode 4: Embracing Radical Responsibility with Sarah Prout

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Today I’m excited to welcome my dear friend, inspirational speaker and emotional empowerment expert, Sarah Prout. She went from living on welfare as a single mother in Australia to becoming an award-winning entrepreneur, podcast host, and author of Dear Universe.

In 2019, a video produced by Goalcast (a viral platform for videos with powerful messages) shared Sarah’s story, went viral and has now been viewed by over 57 million people around the world. Sarah experienced some positive and negative consequences from that video – which you’ll hear about in this episode.

We discuss the power of how we tell our stories, the trouble with what Sarah calls “the coma of convenience,” and the importance of taking personal responsibility. This episode was recorded during the peak of the 2020 pandemic and we discovered that our internet connection wasn’t always as strong as our heart connection – so my apologies for a couple of dips in the audio quality.

About Sarah Sprout: 

From her site: “I’m a speaker, author, creative entrepreneur, and mother of four… dedicated to helping you create a life you can truly be happy about by using your thoughts, emotions, and energy to shape your own reality.


In this episode you’ll discover:

Sarah’s story (1:25)

  • Her Book: Dear Universe
  • Leaving an abusive relationship
  • Her Goalcast video
  • How we actively participate in our lives
  • Taking responsibility for how we show up
  • Compassion and empathy

What Sarah calls “a coma of convenience.” (13:19)

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How to tap into our inner wisdom (14:45)

  • Our inner voice and intuition
  • Self care and personal responsibility
  • Reconnecting to our heart space
  • A new normal of manifesting
  • Sleep tracker: Oura Ring
  • Sleep and vivid dreams
  • Energetic frequencies

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How to take charge of our self care (19:50)

Taking the lessons from quarantine forward (22:45)

Creating frameworks for your life (30:18)

  • Sarah’s magic
  • How we see our lives
  • The language we use

Sarah’s tummy tuck journey (32:31)

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How generosity manifests in our lives  (41:52)

  • Sarah’s book: Dear Universe
  • How to impact lives
  • Paying it forward
  • The key to abundance
  • The heroes of our time

How setting boundaries can lead to more joy (46:44)

  • Being in service of others
  • People pleasing
  • Setting boundaries
  • Use your voice
  • Signs you need more boundaries
  • Saying no
  • Where is the compulsion coming from
  • Addiction

How to connect with Sarah (54:55)

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