Distance Learning Unit on Atoms and Molecules NGSS MS-PS1-1 and Utah SEEd 6.2.1

Middle School Students will love this online unit. Students will learn about the structure of atoms and molecules. They will make models of atoms and molecules. This resource is designed to address the standards NGSS MS MS-PS1-1 and Utah SEEd 6.2.1. 

This resource is set up for both distance learning and face to face instruction. There are google slides and google worksheets that students can type directly on. There are also interactive drag and drop slides and other interactive slides. 

Students will read informational text passages in a Google slide show. 

This resource also comes with a printable pdf of worksheets and a slide show without the drag and drops for face to face instruction.

Teachers will love the versatility of having both a pdf and google slides to choose from. This resource can be printed or used entirely online. 

For the hands-on lab, students can use household items, toothpicks, small soft candies, or something else. They will be making models of both an element and molecules.  

The resource includes informational text passages, comprehension questions, drag and drop activities, videos, and more. 

Students can make models with household items like marshmallows and toothpicks.

Add it to your Google Drive today!

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