Binary Code for Kids- Spelling Shark Printables

Binary Code for Kids- Spelling Shark Printables Square

This set of binary code for kids spelling printables focuses on the words shark, tooth, and fin. These shark printables are a fun way to introduce your children to the binary code for alphabet letters.  There is a binary code key at the bottom of each page. Children write the code for each letter beside it. Then they will color in the byte or group of circles beside the code. The ones in the code will be filled in. The zeros in the code will be left blank.

What is a Binary Code?

It is the code used by a computer to understand letters, numbers, symbols, and commands. The code uses groups of 8 numbers to represent each letter, number, symbol, and command you type in on a keyboard.  The only numbers that the computer can use to create the code are 0’s and 1’s.

Binary code can be confusing. Therefore, you may want to visit Teach Kids Binary in One Simple Stepto to get more information on how to teach it to your kids.

Getting the Shark Printables

Binary Code for Kids -Spelling Shark

First, you will need to download Binary Code for Kids – Spelling Shark Words.

Second, you will need to open the worksheet set in Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, you can use whatever PDF reader you have on your computer.

Third, you will need to print out one worksheet for each of your children. You will notice that the set includes answer keys.

Exploring Coding Before Starting the Activity

Below you will find some wonderful books that talk about coding for kids.

Working on Spelling Shark Words in Binary Code

First, you will want your children to search the binary alphabet chart at the bottom of the worksheet to find the numeric code for each letter. (You may want to let them know that the codes they are working with represent capital letters. Lowercase letters have a slightly different binary code.)

Binary Code for Kids- Spelling Shark Words (Tooth)

Once they placed each letter’s 0’s and 1’s on the lines, they are ready to move on to coloring the circles next to the code with a pencil. They will leave all the circles that represent 0’s empty. The circles that represent 1’s will be colored in.

After that, you will want them to double-check that they have filled the correct circles. It is easy to mix up which circles need to be filled in and which don’t. It is for that reason I suggested your children will them in with a pencil.

Why Fill in Eight Circles?

A computer uses a group of eight switches to send a binary code. The switches can be turned on or be left off. Each 0 in a binary code represents a switch left off. Each 1 represents a switch turned on. Your children will create a visual of the switches turned on or left off for each letter.

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This is part of the Shark Worksheets for Kids (Five Days Worth) event.

Binary Code for Kids- Spelling Shark Printables


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