A totally flexible online learning and tutoring platform

Students in Hong Kong have a busy schedule, juggling school with extracurricular activities and more. The right kind of online learning, however, can give both parents and students more control over scheduling – and plenty of other benefits. TigerCampus Hong Kong is an on-demand, cross-border tutoring platform available worldwide for learners of all ages. It provides online tutors and home tuition for everyone from primary students to high schoolers, plus those at university and adults who are keen to learn.

Tutors at TigerCampus specialise in a wide spectrum of subjects – from maths, science and engineers to humanities, arts and more. They hold Bachelors, Masters and even PhD degrees from leading HK and global universities. And they teach dedicated online courses for a range of internationally accepted standardised exams, from ICGSE and A-Levels to IB, HKDSE, SAT and more.

Online learning - TigerCampus Hong Kong is a home tuition platform with specialist tutors across a range of subjects

Making connections

According to the team, the pillars of the TigerCampus platform are decentralisation, flexibility, and socialisation. “We simplify the tutoring process and make it easy for teachers and students to connect with each other,” they say. “This means that you can find someone who knows exactly what you want to learn about and start studying immediately!”

With this emphasis on connection, the platform also provides opportunities for educators. For example, if you’re a teacher or tutor looking for work outside of the traditional full-time job at an institution or learning centre (and the traditional eight-hour working shift that comes with it!), TigerCampus gives you a means of earning money, upskilling yourself and gaining access to an international market. 

“Students and teachers should be able to learn, teach and share knowledge in a way that works best for them,” they say. “We also believe that we need to practice what we preach, so own learning space allows you to take courses whenever and wherever you want them.”

To reinforce the learning process across these courses, TigerCampus also offers a resource library, a homework helper app and a coding club. 

Resources for parents

Parents are busy enough without having to dig around for resources to help their children with homework and studying. TigerCampus Eddy is a digital library that provides an endless source of worksheets, notes, quizzes and academic papers for all ages. You’ll find free study guides, summaries, practice questions, lecture notes, assignments, solutions and more. Here are three ways you can call on “Eddy” to help.

#1 Test preparation

Need help acing that upcoming test? The digital library has study notes and guides from students and teachers to help with preparing.

#2 Extra practice

Doing practice exams and essays can be a crucial component in ensuring success. With TigerCampus Eddy, you can practice endless worksheets.

#3 Quizzes to test your learning

Want to see how you’re going with your learning around a particular topic? Put your knowledge to the test by engaging in quizzes made by students and teachers alike.

home tuition - TigerCampus Hong Kong tutors are experienced in a broad range of subjects

An app to help – TigerCampus Snap

The company has a tech tool to supplement its teaching platforms and resources, in the form of a homework helper app called TigerCampus Snap. The app can be used by learners of all ages and is a reliable way to get help from online tutors – and it’s available 24/7! Here are three ways it can assist students with home tuition: 

#1 Exam preparation

Ensure your success by preparing for class tests, local and international exams, university entrances and more.

#2 Homework help

Get help finishing your secondary school homework and university assignments.

#3 Writing support

Improve your writing prowess with proofreading and advice from an expert.

Coding club

Knowing the language used by computers, apps and smart phones is increasingly important, so it’s no surprise that coding continues to grow as a key element of learning. That’s why, in addition to everything mentioned above, TigerCampus Hong Kong has a coding club (hkcodingclub.com) where online tutors teach future skills like programming and coding. Popular courses include Minecraft coding, Roblox game creation and others.

To find out more about the company’s online learning offerings and home tuition services, visit tigercampus.hk. Don’t forget to request a free trial!

WhatsApp 5441 5542 | info@tigercampus.com

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