A Problem and Solution Worksheet to ENGAGE Students

A Problem and Solution Worksheet to ENGAGE Students

Problem and solution worksheet

I have the BEST problem and solution worksheet to engage your students!

There are so many reading strategies to teach, and it can be challenging to find a concrete worksheet to review and assess these strategies.

I specifically created these reading passages and questions to address this gap!

The best part?

These are color by number passages – so your students will LOVE completing them!

Keep reading to learn all about these problem and solution worksheets 🙂

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Problem and solution worksheet

How do students use these problem and solution worksheets?

Let me tell you how these color by number problem & solution activities work.

First, students will read the passage.

Next, students answer four questions about problem and solution using the text.

Each multiple-choice answer has a color written next to it. 

Students color the picture based on the answer they pick!

How stinking fun is that?!

Problem and solution worksheet

What makes these worksheets so great?

Short & concise passages

Students will no longer take the entire reading block just to read the passage – they’ll have plenty of time to read the passage, then answer the 4 comprehension questions. 

Engaging & motivating

Students will WANT to finish the color by number worksheet so that they can color their picture!

They’ll also want to take their time because they don’t want to mess up the picture 🙂

No prep

These color by number reading comprehension worksheets are no prep!

You’re busy enough – just push “print” and pass these goodies out!


Where can I get these problem and solution worksheets?

You can find these at Glitter in Third on TPT!

Click HERE to check them out 🙂

Need more reading strategy resources?

(I have a blog post on reading comprehension and what to do before, during, and after reading HERE).

My color-by-number reading passages are also available in a variety of grade levels (woohoo!).

No matter the grade, these are a nice way to help differentiate all the learners in your classroom.

Click the links below to check out all the grade levels!

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It’s no-prep, fun, and super easy to grade (just peek at the picture!)

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