6 ways to use the Zapier ChatGPT plugin

If you've heard the latest from OpenAI and ChatGPT, you'll know ChatGPT has released a new ecosystem of plugins, including the Zapier ChatGPT plugin

The Zapier ChatGPT plugin lets you connect thousands of apps (like Google Sheets, Gmail, or Slack) and automate tasks directly inside ChatGPT. This saves you the time and hassle of context switching, as you can just ask ChatGPT to perform a task in another app for you. 

If you're already using ChatGPT to help you summarize, refine, or write content before you share it with customers or your team, this plugin helps you cut out even more steps in your everyday tasks by adding automation to the mix.  

Below, we'll show you the best ways to use the Zapier ChatGPT plugin so you can streamline your business practices with AI and automation: 

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Before you get started

The plugin is compatible with all Zapier plans and is rolling out to users with a ChatGPT Plus account. If you don't yet have access, you can join the waitlist

Once you have access, you'll need to connect your Zapier account and your ChatGPT Plus account. Then you'll need to create Zapier actions in your saved actions page

You can read our step-by-step instructions for more information on setting up the Zapier ChatGPT plugin. If you're a developer and you want to learn more about using the API with your integration, go here

How to use Natural Language Actions

The plugin allows users to interact with Zapier through natural language instructions. When instructing the chatbot, use actionable, clear language that describes the task you want the chatbot to perform. 

For example, instead of saying, "I want to send an email," say, "Send an email to john@example.com," and either specify the subject line and body or tell ChatGPT to write them. 

Tip: When you're setting up your actions, you can include specific values (instead of having the AI guess) to increase the likelihood of success. 

For example, if you want ChatGPT to send a Slack message, remember to use a specific value, such as specifying the channel name. Or, if you're sending an email, remember to specify the recipient's email address, subject line, and body copy. That way, when you're asking ChatGPT to carry out a task, it has all the values it needs to perform it. 

Send emails with the Zapier ChatGPT plugin

As you probably know, ChatGPT is a handy little writing tool that can draft content based on the prompt you feed it. One of its specialties? Spinning up email copy that strikes the perfect balance between professional and friendly.  

Whether you're using ChatGPT to communicate with clients or colleagues, you can use the plugin to automate all your email-related tasks. 

At a basic level, the Zapier ChatGPT plugin will write the email for you—then once you're happy with the result, automatically send it with whatever app you use. That can be Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook—you name it.

If you're nervous about having AI send a finished email for you—don't worry. You'll have the chance to review the copy. The plugin can perform other actions like creating drafts of new emails or creating draft responses to existing emails so you can approve them before sending. 

Big picture thinking: you can also automate your email marketing. For example, you could also get the plugin to write and send drip campaigns or to create email surveys. The possibilities are endless: you just need to experiment with it to find how it can best suit you. 

Update spreadsheets and databases with the Zapier ChatGPT plugin

Whether you want to add leads to a spreadsheet, keep your databases in sync, or create new database records, you can use the plugin to automatically enrich and add that information to your spreadsheets. (No unnecessary writing needed from you.)

Whether you use Google Sheets, Notion, Airtable, or other database apps, you can combine the organizational power of spreadsheets and the enhancing capacity of ChatGPT to keep everything from your to-do lists to lead info up to date. 

Depending on the app you choose, you can add rows, create spreadsheets, create worksheets, add columns, create rows, or create database pages. 

Write and send team chat messages with the Zapier ChatGPT plugin

Want to share a piece of good news with your team on Slack but can't settle on the wording? Or perhaps you want to summarize information for a specific coworker in Microsoft Teams? Whatever the message, you can get the plugin to draft your message—then send it to the appropriate channel. 

This will save you the time and hassle of asking ChatGPT to draft the message, then manually copying and pasting it into your team chat yourself. 

And remember: the plugin is versatile, it's not limited to sending channel messages. Whatever your team chat app, you can also add reminders, set statuses, rename channels, or send private messages—all in one interface. 

Manage calendars with the Zapier ChatGPT plugin

The Zapier ChatGPT plugin allows you to create calendar events with just a quick prompt, which is far more convenient and efficient than manually navigating to your calendar and filling out event details. 

This can be especially useful if you're multitasking or working within a different app and want to quickly create an event without context switching. 

With the plugin, you can manage your—and your team's—schedule by asking ChatGPT to create events and new calendars on the fly. You can also add attendees to an invite, create detailed events, update events, and more with the plugin. 

Just remember: you should always specify a time range for events and include a title for your best chances of success.

Manage documents and content management systems

The plugin can also help you manage all of your content documentation and drafts.

For example: Imagine you're using ChatGPT to brainstorm blog ideas. You decide you love one of these ideas and want to create a Google Doc with this information. You can use the ChatGPT plugin to carry out this action for you—streamlining this whole workflow from within ChatGPT. 

In addition, you can also create documents from text, documents from templates, and append text to documents.  It's the same case for other content-related apps, like creating or updating pages in one of your content management systems, like WordPress. 

Draft and post social media messages with the Zapier ChatGPT plugin

Using ChatGPT to draft a promotional tweet or Instagram message? Instead of tabbing between the bot and your social media platform, you can just ask the plugin to send—or schedule—the message for you. 

Whether you're sharing new blog posts, product updates, or other promotional content via social media, you can schedule social media posts in advance.  

You can also use the plugin to add users to a social media list and automate posting across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Streamline your business practices with AI and automation

The Zapier ChatGPT plugin lets you execute specific actions across your email, spreadsheets, documents, team chat, calendars, and social media apps, among others. 

With it, you can streamline your business practices and save the time and hassle of context switching. Enhance your content and communication with the power of automation and artificial intelligence.

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