5 Best Gardening Websites & Apps for Beginners to Garden Anywhere

Gardening apps and websites

Whether you have a house or an apartment, these are some of the best gardening websites, ebooks, and apps to cultivate your own little green patch.

When you have some extra time at home, seize the opportunity to add a little greenery. If you have a garden, you can use it to grow vegetables and herbs, or beautify it with flowers. Growing plants in apartments has been shown to improve mood and mental stability.

These gardening websites and apps have something in them for both beginners and experienced gardeners to reap what they sow.

1. A Way to Garden (Web): One of the Best Gardening Blogs for All Stages

Margaret Roach, the former editorial director of the Martha Stewart empire, set up a blog and wrote a book to share her gardening secrets. A Way to Garden is one of the most recommended must-read gardening resources on the internet.

The Garden Planting Calculator is a particular favorite on the web. It tells you when to lay seeds for different vegetables, herbs, and flowers. If you need to have a few weeks indoors with them first, you’ll get that calculation too.

A Way to Garden’s “chores by month” is also a popular guide to essential activities based on the season. Roach’s tips apply for the north-eastern USA, so consult the provided regional calendar and adjust accordingly. You’ll also want to take a look at the garden FAQs, where she answers beginner queries on various topics.

Apart from these three resources, A Way to Garden is a treasure-trove of information for gardeners both new and experienced. There’s also a podcast that you can listen to while you’re tending to your little patch.

2. GardenBeast (Ebooks): 7 Free Gardening Ebooks

Beginners can download seven ebooks for free from GardenBeast in PDF format. You can download one or all, it’s up to you. And you can print these out, load them up on your kindle, or use them for offline reading whenever you want. All it takes is to sign up for the newsletter, but you can always use a disposable email address for that.

The seven books are:

  1. Ultimate Organic Gardening for Beginners
  2. 51 Tips for Green House Gardening
  3. 100 Hints and Tips to Level Up Your Gardening
  4. Herbs 101: Ultimate Guide to Herbs for Beginners
  5. Vegetable Gardening for Beginners
  6. How to Attract Butterflies Into Your Garden
  7. Greener Living for a Greener World

The ebooks range from 16-52 pages, each tackling a different topic as you can see. The 100 Hints and Tips is especially useful for anyone, so download that no matter what. GardenBeast is also a full-fledged online magazine that you can check out for gardening news, resources, and guides.

3. Candide (Android, iOS): The Only Gardening App You’ll Need

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